Tuesday, October 25, 2011

member's mark 4x probiotic challenge

every day, at exactly the same time, nap time (of course), tate comes to find me and tell me, "i ha' go poo-poo." like clockwork, this kid.

while i find it just a little bit annoying that i can guarantee that my time to myself will be interrupted every single day, if the truth be told, i'm a little bit envious. without getting too personal, i would love to have the regularity that tate demonstrates.

to that end, i'm taking a little challenge. i'm giving member's mark 4x probiotics a try for the next two weeks. i've heard a lot about the benefits of probiotics and i've finally decided to try them out for myself and see what happens.

this challenge meant i needed to take a little shopping trip to sam's club, which for me is as much a treat as trick-or-treating is for the kids. first stop was some napkins. i was a little overwhelmed by the selection at first...thankfully lilianna was along to help me out. first we discovered the restaurant style napkins, which seemed a little fancier than what i was going for (plus i was surprised at the price. i think i would be stingier with the napkins if i ran a restaurant).

thankfully i quickly found this more affordable option across the aisle. you can see that lilianna is triumphant at our discovery.

of course, you can't go to sam's club without getting the megabox of cheerios. we go through these like...like...well, we go through them really quickly at our house. i'm seriously thinking of investing in the company.
i wish sam's club were a little bit closer because i love to buy milk here.  for one thing, i think the milk jugs are so cool.  why can't all milk companies come up with this cool design for their milk jugs?

i was thankful to find the 4x probiotics so quickly and easily.  as you can see, they are in with other otc types of medicines and digestive aids.  each box comes with two packages of the probiotics (42 caplets in each), which translates to a 12 week supply total.

the member's mark version can be compared with "align," which you can see is more than 3 times the price. 
i have no idea how this is going to act in my system, but at this point, i'm willing to give anything a try.  i will let you know what happens in about two weeks.
this is the point that lilianna decided to get really crabby--even though i told her we were picking out some bread for her yummy pb&j.  some kids are just so ungrateful.

this is a compensated post as part of a social shopper insights study for collective bias and mamabzz.  the experience however is purely my own and my thoughts and opinions expressed here and in two weeks will remain my own.

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