Tuesday, May 24, 2011

tiny sunbirds, far away giveaway

every day we make decisions. 

some of our decisions are simple.  what do i want for lunch today?  leftover pizza sounds good; i'll have that.

other decisions are more complex.  in which school should we enroll tessa?  does she need something more challenging, or is she just fine where she is?

some decisions are based on what we want.  what color streamers should we put up for zoe's birthday?  her favorite color is green so i think we will go with green.

other decisions are based on necessity.  we need to find a job in the next year or so.  we will have to move wherever the job is, whether we like it or not.

in tiny sunbirds, far away, blessing's father abandons his family for another woman.  financial need necessitates a move to live with blessing's grandparents.  the effects on the family are life-altering--in both good ways and in tragic ways.

i think this novel should be a must-read for everyone.  i didn't realize how much i had to learn until i started reading it.  it has certainly made me think about the decisions that i make for my family and the impact those decisions may or may not have on their futures.

i have the fabulous opportunity to offer you the chance to win a copy of this book for yourself.  simply leave a comment for me telling me about a significant decision you have had to make.  i will choose a winner using random.org on june 1.  if you subscribe to this blog, you may leave a second comment telling me you have done so.  make sure i have your email address so i can contact you when you win!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous book!

    A significant decision I have had to make...hmmm, it seems like there have been so many in the past year! I would have to say that trading my days of being a bachelorette and marrying my husband has been a pretty huge decision. I'm so thankful for him, and very happy to be married, but I had no idea how much life would change! :)

  2. Have heard great things about this book so hoping I win!

    Ok, so a significant decision. Well I guess it would be to recently decide I'm tired of being alone since my divorce in 1993 and setting out to find a mate. So far I've kissed a few frogs, but alas...no prince. But onward I go and who knows what can happen right?

  3. Ack! I don't see a subscribe other than the subscribe button right below the comment box, so I subscribed but I think it's just for follow up comments, does that count?

  4. Tough decisions of the past 2 years: whether to move to Chicago or somewhere else from my native California, PhD or no (the answer for now is "no"), and whether to participate in some national assignments with IVCF.

    Decisions I am currently facing: another degree or not, finding a spiritual director, whether to train for a fun-run & at what distance, and how I will spend my time next year with work.


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