Saturday, January 8, 2011

let the holiday goodness continue! (giveaway)

we are still getting emails thanking us for the pumpkin butter we passed out as a holiday gift this year.  we just finished enjoying the cookies that others gave us.

which has led me to question why we only share these culinary delights once a year.  i know that my winter-blues would be greatly lifted by gifts of cookies and other deliciousness.

betty crocker has a lot of suggestions to help the winter pass more joyfully with baking goodness at their website devoted to baking sweet memories.  there you can find great recipes for fun, wintry treats, like snowman coconut cake or classic gingerbread cookies (which frankly should not to relegated to christmastime alone).  you can also play a game to win some fun prizes.

after many attempts to figure out the best way to share our homemade treats with others, i have found that gladware! storage products are the most practical and useful, since they can be reused again and again.

if you are in the mood to lift your mood by baking for yourself or others, betty crocker, gladware! and i would love to jumpstart your baking with a gift.  leave a comment below to win a prize pack that includes a betty crocker sugar cookie mix, a gladware sample pack and a $25 safeway gift card.  just tell me what your favorite treat to give or receive is (usa residents only, please).  i will choose a winner using on january 16.

i received a prize pack for myself and the opportunity to offer one to you from betty crocker, gladware and safeway through myblogspark.  regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.


  1. Does it make me shallow to say cold hard cash??? It's very easy to give (although you can't bargain shop for it), and I LOVE to shop for myself with the cash people give me!

  2. Every December I have a cookie exchange with friends, and I end up with 7 dozen assorted treats. I love to put them in tins and give them to the girls' teachers as Christmas presents!

  3. lili, i don't think it's shallow ;) christmas is sometimes about you!
    now, i love to receive gift cards of all kinds, and i found a great idea online this year to give a freshly baked loaf of bread wrapped in a homemade apron the wednesday before thanksgiving to someone you really appreciate. i did that for one of my bffs here and she loved it. we actually just made dinner together last week for our entire church and i was so proud when i walked in and saw her wearing her apron i made her! she loves it!! here's to wonderful giveaways!!

  4. I like to change up what I give from year to year but it is always presented 'cute'.
    It's all about the packaging for me!

    One year I gave cheese balls, one year I gave granola bars, this year we opted for the traditional boxes of homemade assorted cookies/candies.... year, who knows!?

  5. My favorite thing to give is whatever is on the recipient's Amazon, CBD, or Toys-R-Us wishlist.

    Though it can't be put in Gladware, my all-time favorite gift to receive is a gift certificate for an hour massage. I wait until I've been back at work for about 2 or 3 weeks, then schedule that hour of bliss.


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