Monday, December 6, 2010

holiday gift guide: yo-yos that actually come back!

(article first published as product review: yomega yo-yos on blogcritics)

if you had told me that you thought i should get my kids yo-yos for christmas a few weeks ago, i would have said you are crazy.  the yo-yos always unwind, the kids can't get them to work, and i'm left trying to wind them back up while the kids cry over the lame toy i bought them.
you won't hear any tears or cries of frustration from me with these yo-yos, however.  yomega has made yo-yos that return automatically!  Their secret is a centrifugal clutch system that can open for spins and sleeping and then close again to force a return.

my kids and i tried out the gamma brain wing.  this one has the auto-return in one mode but allows the user to switch to allow greater speeds and tricks.  i was prepared for tears and great frustration, but i was pleasantly surprised to discover that all three of my kids (ages three, five, and eight) were able to master it.

we also tried out the maverick which looks and feels different because it is an all aluminum yo-yo with a weighted perimeter and a new "super smooth rubber return system."  it can be seen as a step-up skill-wise from the gamma brain.  to be honest, i don't understand the physics of how these yo-yos work.  i'm just glad that my kids and i can figure them out for ourselves!

we may not be ready for more complicated tricks yet, but when we are, both yo-yos come with a demonstration video and explanation of what else can be done with a yo-you besides throwing it down and catching it again.
tate was also excited to try out the yomega quick-6.  this is a small football with a full football grip.  since he loves to play football, we are glad for him to have a football for practice-throws that is a good size for him.  it will continue to be a great football as he grows up as it is great for those "long spiral throws."

i don't think any of my kids would have automatically put a "yo-yo" on their christmas list based on our past bad experiences, but this year, they are all excited to see what can be done with a yomega yo-yo.

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i received a free gamma brain, maverick and yomega quick-6 for the purpose of this review from yomega. regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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